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im back

2010-10-24 18:41:17 by rolandi01

well ya the titles says all my lost post was when i was a little kid so ya here's my new shot

sorry to everyone

2010-03-12 15:17:48 by rolandi01

im sorry for what i said im just going to erase my account and leave newgrounds forever

so im not on much more

2010-03-05 22:26:50 by rolandi01

well im not going to be on very much more cuz i realized newgrounds is not fr me im kinda of a jock and i got a real life and newgrounds is for no life losers. no offense to any1 im jus sayin


2010-02-07 22:31:50 by rolandi01

the saints win the super bowl today and i knew the saints were gonna win from the get go ( seahawks fan though) but any1 who is in the nfc that wins the super bowl is good with me


2010-01-26 20:46:39 by rolandi01

mann the saints won and i think we (the NFC) needs another win.

jus sayin hi

2010-01-24 13:23:04 by rolandi01

i really havent posted in a while so i guess here it is so who thinks the colts r gunna demolish the jets ... i do hahaha


2010-01-15 17:47:10 by rolandi01

i just got banned from posting because i put a link to a site and i guess it was already posted so thats pretty stupid in other news, i have a whistle status of garbage ive been waiting for it for like ever
i also dont really care who comes and comments jus leave positive comments or none at all (even though nobody ever really comes to page)

awww yeaaa

2009-12-29 17:57:51 by rolandi01

i got a xbox360 for christmas and i love it i got madden 10 for it too and i swear im the best 11 year old madden player in da world i got 135 g`s of acheivments already , peace ppl

morry christmas everyone

2009-12-24 20:08:41 by rolandi01

christmas is tommorrey so i jus sayin merry christams :)


2009-12-17 11:05:31 by rolandi01

last night russel won on SYTYCD he is a freakin cumper and he won freakin amazing :)